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These are some videos made by our guests and friends when skating around Baikal with Baikal-Complex:

I. Swedish team, led by one of the world's strongest wild ice skater Mårten visited Lake Baikal in March 2020 )
Here is a beautiful video made by Jenny Rosenius "Skating Lake Baikal - a quest for Baikal oilfish"

II. Famous Austrian speed skater and coach Thomas and his friends experienced Baikal ice in February 2020
This is a film about the "SKATE_WEISSENSEE" team on Lake Baikal.

III. A video report of the wild ice skating tour Russian-British-French team
at Lake Baikal February 2018 made by Dmitry Gitbender (Moscow).

IV. Siberian Extreme Wild Ice Marathon on Lake Baikal. February 2014, distance 205 km.

V. Our friend's solo skating expedition on the ice of Lake Baikal to Olkhon Island in March 2019.
Vladimir Bershov, Rostov, Russia.

Information about our company is available in the following guidebooks:

* "Trans-Sib" by Doris Knop (Germany, 1995, 2000)
* "Russia-Rail" by Athol Yates (1996)
* "Russia, Ukraine, Belarus" of "Lonely Planet" (1996, 2000, 2003)
* "The Trans-Siberian Railway Guide" by Robert Strauss (1996)
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* "Let's Go": Eastern Europe (USA, 1997)
* "Reishandboek "Transsiberie Express" by Aad van der Graaf (Holland, 2000)
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You can also read about our services in "Wall Street Journal" (August 30, 1996, USA), "Good Weekend" (July 19, 1997, Sydney), " Financial Times of Weekend" (June 27, 1998, London), "BIKE" (November, 2000, Germany, page 14-21), "Spiegel" (October 03, 05, 10, 2002, Germany) etc.

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