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Feedback and recommendations

Here and below you may find some feedbacks from our guests after wild ice skating tours on Lake Baikal with "Baikal-Complex":

I. One of the world's most addicted and strongest wild ice skater from Sweden (visited Lake Baikal in March 2020 ) You can watch the film made by his team: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMOlV3to0dg He wrote:
"Dear Youy, and also to Evgeniy of course! First of all, I and the group would like to express our gratitude to you for a skating and travel experience of a lifetime. Personally, it's probably my best travel ever. Lake Baikal is the skating gem on earth, everything a dimension bigger than anywhere else."

II. Famous Austrian speed skater and coach recommends our travel agency. He was on a skating tour at Lake Baikal 16-23th Feb.2020 with Austrian skaters and made short film about Baikal skating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEjS96FVyEk and TV program: https://www.wntv.at/page/video/MjA1MzYx

III. Tour leader of British private group skaters Feb 2020 (12 pax, second visit. First in 2018 )
" Hi Youry, I just want to say what an incredible week we all had, with you and your team. Every one of us has been amazed by the depth of fun, excitement and adventure. Your team was brilliant - very professional, and with the most excellent judgment; we always felt that we were doing the best thing so that we achieved the most and had the most fun. Very many thanks indeed! "

IV. Famous Swedish guide ( skated at lake Baikal Feb.2020 )
"Hi Youry ! It was so nice to meet you and to get to know you. What at fantastic week we had with you on the lake. Everything went so well and was much over our expectations."

Information about our company is available in the following guidebooks:

* "Trans-Sib" by Doris Knop (Germany, 1995, 2000)
* "Russia-Rail" by Athol Yates (1996)
* "Russia, Ukraine, Belarus" of "Lonely Planet" (1996, 2000, 2003)
* "The Trans-Siberian Railway Guide" by Robert Strauss (1996)
* "Trans-Siberian Handbook" by Bryn Thomas (1997, 2001)
* "Let's Go": Eastern Europe (USA, 1997)
* "Reishandboek "Transsiberie Express" by Aad van der Graaf (Holland, 2000)
* "Travel Unlimited" by Alison Gardner (USA 2000)

You can also read about our services in "Wall Street Journal" (August 30, 1996, USA), "Good Weekend" (July 19, 1997, Sydney), " Financial Times of Weekend" (June 27, 1998, London), "BIKE" (November, 2000, Germany, page 14-21), "Spiegel" (October 03, 05, 10, 2002, Germany) etc.

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